About Cooking On Canvas


My name is Sandi, a Nairobian.  I can’t draw, paint, sew or do cool “creative” stuff. So cooking and baking is my creative outlet.

I would have liked to call this blog Sunday baking, or something like that, but someone beat me to it.  The idea is, after a demanding week at work, it’s a chilled weekend afternoon, why not indulge in some baking.  Nothing beats the smell of homemade cake, bread or pizza wafting from your kitchen.  Create memories for your family.

The recipes I share are simple, not costly and call for ingredients that you most likely already have.  These tried recipes will yield moist cakes.  We will from scratch (like a blank canvas) combine elements to create our desserts.

Travel, interiors with personality and books are some of my mind’s happy places, and they will be spilling into the blog randomly.




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