Gluten-free Fluffy Pancakes

  Pancakes make everyone happy. Here is a gluten-free option from Rita that you can whip up in minutes and enjoy for your weekend breakfast. She uses any or a mix of these gluten-free flours: rice flour, cassava (tapioca) flour, coconut, arrow-root (taro) flour etc. and happily experiments until she hits the sweet spot. She…

Coconut Banana Muffins

It was meant to have a lemon glaze. But if I did not photograph these soon, they would be gone. Also, because it has fresh banana, I am not sure that they would keep for very long. So instead of lemon glaze, I quickly cut up lemons as garnish. But please, make a lemon glaze….

Easy Apple Crisp

Comfort food has the ability to wrap its aromas and mouth feels around you and give you little repeated bursts of joy. This apple crisp falls in that category. To start off, the smell when it’s baking puts your mind in a happy place. It could be that of a carefree child in your mother’s kitchen….

Baked Pancake

Good morning. Whenever we go to Lake Nakuru, it is usually a day-trip affair with visitors. On this occasion however, we stayed at Naishi Guest House run by the KWS for my parents-in-law’s 40th anniversary.  The husband got some amazing shots at sunrise. And about food matters, I finally got round to making a Dutch…

Lemon Cloud Pancakes

The husband is trying to get me to climb Mount Kenya. Again. It was a bucket-list item that I was quite happy I managed to accomplish and cross off. However, he loves that mountain and has climbed it twice already and is quite happy to go at it again. So we have been walking twice…

The Trick to Perfectly Scrambled Eggs

I hope you had a good week.  My musings for the week involved doors.  An open door welcoming you in, or stepping out from, holds opportunities.  An experience to see or learn something new or different. Some doors make us wonder … what is on the other side?  Should I attempt to open it? Or should…

Ridiculously Fluffy Pancakes

  After a busy, long week, nothing says relaxed Saturday or Sunday morning like pancakes for breakfast.  It stirs within most of us happy childhood memories. Random confession: for the life of me, I cannot make round chapatis, round pizza not even round pancakes.